Rick Enrico Morrone has years of experience in a variety of areas of production and post-production- From producing, to video editing, to directing and even camera operating. He has worked on regional and national ad campaigns, along with a multitude of corporate videos, web videos, music videos and short films. routinely irons out details behind very complicated projects, shoots, and post-production schedules. He has the ability to find proper solutions to problems that arise, build and lead a team of skilled professionals on a production, and he creates a relaxed, focused and professional working environment – Whether it’s from his home studio or out on production.

Rick is a certified professional video editor in both Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, and since 2017 has been training University students in using both softwares. He is also well versed in Final Cut Pro, and the audio production programs Logic Pro and Adobe Audition.  Able to work remotely, Rick is available for both editing work and virtual lessons for those interested in getting in to video editing.

Along with Rick’s editing and producing experience, he also has experience in front of the camera as a SAG eligible actor, and as a musician in the studio and on stage.